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Animal Game to Play With Your Grandchildren

by grammiestewart
Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no                             criticisms." 

      - George Eliot (who was really a woman)

Children and animals … it usually is a love affair.

Some of the first words that my granddaughter ever learned were names of animals … puppy dog, kitty cat, elephant, pig, monkey (all with the crazy corresponding animal sounds).

Here is an animal game you can play with your grandchild using picture cards of animals. It will help them learn animal names and reinforce their memory.

You can focus on different groups of animals in your cards … pet animals, farm animals, forest animals, jungle animals, ocean animals, etc.. I have provided links to 4 sites where you can print the animal cards from, but you can also search such places as Pinterest to find more of your own (just search something like “animal photo cards”) …

Zoo Animals from A to Z Teacher Stuff  Click Here

Rainforest Animals from 1plu1plu1equals1.com  Click Here

Farm Animals from naturalbeachliving.com  Click Here

Arctic Animals from kidsparkz.com Click Here


I  printed off 2 copies of each animal, so my grandchildren could find the match. You may only want to copy one picture of each animal.

Animal Game

Two copies of each animal for the Animal Game


I printed the cards and then laminated them to make sure they lasted through sticky fingers and being sucked on (make sure if you do laminate them, you clip and round each corner with a pair of scissors … they become sharp like an ice pick if you don’t).


You can use the cards in a few ways:

  1. Show the card and say the name and make the sound (this needs to be repeated a bazillion times so the child learns the name and sound). Or, you could show them the animal and ask them what sound it makes.
  2. Once they are familiar with the names of the animals, you can lay them out and ask, “Can you find me the lion?”
  3. If you have small toy plastic animals for the pictures (for instance, you can find packages of animals in dollar stores), your grandchild could match the plastic animal and put it on top of the correct card.
  4. With the cards laid out, you can ask the child, “Can you find me the two zebras?” Or, you can also show the child the zebra card and say, “Can you find me the one that matches this elephant?”
  5. You can turn the cards over in rows and play Memory … you each take turns turning over 2 cards … if they match, you take them and go again. If they don’t match you turn them back over and it is the other person’s turn.
  6. You could use the cards to sing a silly version of Old MacDonald’s Farm …

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O

And on that farm he had an owl, E-I-E-I-O

With a hoo-hoo here, and a hoo-hoo there,

Here a hoo, there a hoo, everywhere a hoo-hoo

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O


animal game

Tiny learning her animals


A simple pile of animal cards in this animal game can provide a lot of enrichment from grandma!

Have fun learning together, and let me know in the comments below all about your experiences or any ideas of other ways you learn together using cards.

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