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65 Grandma and Grandchild Bucket List Activity Ideas

by grammiestewart
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Why This Grandma Made a Bucket List of Activities to Do With Her Grandchildren…

When I was a young mom with 4 active kids, older and wiser people would often say to me, “Enjoy them while they are young, because you will blink and they will be grown!” In the midst of being a mom who was just trying to survive, time did not seem to be flying by. It seemed to move at a snail-like pace!


Now that I am older (and maybe a little wiser), I can honestly say that I blinked and they were grown. It was true! Now the problem is that I feel the same thing is happening with my beloved grandchildren.


Creating this bucket list has allowed me to make sure that I have a list of ideas for creating memorable times with my grandkids. I want to make the best of our moments together to forge strong bonds.

So, with eyes wide open, let our adventures begin (before I blink again)!

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  1. Watch a meteor shower or solar eclipse together.
  2. Plan a camping trip for just you and your grandkid(s).
  3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
  4. Make a model car, train, airplane, etc.
  5. Visit all the museums in your area.
  6. Paint and redecorate their bedroom (with parent’s permission, of course).
  7. Adopt a pet and learn how to take care of it … dog, kitten, rabbit, fish, turtle, hamster, etc.  (definitely need parent’s permission for this!).
  8. Take an archery class together.
  9. Build and fly a kite.
  10. Lie on a blanket and find figures in the clouds.
  11. Start a movie or book club that just includes just grandma and the grandkids. Okay … grandpa can come, too.
  12. Watch an entire movie series (like Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars). Wear crazy costumes from the movies!
  13. Visit local historical sites and learn more about the area you live in.
  14. Write a song or poem together.
  15. Make your own movie using a video camera and then have the family come dressed as a movie stars to your special screening.
  16. Have a pillow fight.
  17. Play the Tell Me Grandma game, found HERE.
  18. Build a snowman family and decorate them with clothing and water with food coloring in it.
  19. Create your own restaurant (with a made-up name)  and cook and serve dinner for the family.
  20. Have your grandkids teach you how to play some video games.
  21. Make a treasure hunt with clues all around your house.
  22. Create some fun art and make your own art gallery. Display your creations for family to see.
  23. Make and bury a time capsule.
  24. Visit older family members and talk about/ask questions about their past. Create a family history book from what you find out.
  25. Paint pottery at a pottery cafe as a surprise for a family member.
  26. Go on YouTube and learn a new dance.
  27. Make play dough together. Find a recipe here –PLAY DOUGH
  28. Set up a pretend store with items to buy and practice using money.
  29. Go to a real drive-in for a movie.
  30. Learn to juggle together. A basic video can be found HERE.
  31. Run(or walk) a 5K run for a charitable cause.
  32. Have a Pajama Day where you spend the whole day in your pajamas.
  33. Go ice skating and create a skating routine fit for the Olympics.
  34. Build a sand city at the beach.
  35. Run through the sprinkler.
  36. Create an obstacle course (and maybe invite mom and dad to try it, too).
  37. Take an exercise class together.
  38. Make a huge crazy pizza from scratch.
  39. Learn origami. Go HERE to create an easy origami dog.
  40. Create your own cookie recipe together. Name it.
  41. Plant a garden and share the bounty with friends and neighbors
  42. Teach them to sew a simple piece of clothing.
  43. Take a horseback riding lesson … go on a trail ride.
  44. Start a hobby together like stamp collecting, astronomy, rock collecting, etc..
  45. Make some jewelry … maybe friendship bracelets.
  46. Have a “Miss Manners” night where you serve a supper and teach them table etiquette.
  47. Learn to make easy ice-cream. HERE is an easy recipe.
  48. Bring a breakfast picnic and watch the sunrise.
  49. Sew a quilt with them.
  50. Get a caricature of the two of you together from a street artist.
  51. Go for a manicure or pedicure (or create a spa at home and they can be your customers).
  52. See a play at a local theater or attend a concert. Remember to get really dressed up!
  53. Hike a trail (I will drive to the mountains).
  54. Rent a cabin by a lake and stay for a weekend.
  55. Walk the beach looking for shells. Make a craft with them. Some ideas can be found HERE.
  56. Dance in the snow or rain.
  57. Start a family cookbook.
  58. Make a bird feeder and set it up in the backyard and watch the birds arrive.
  59. Draw pictures or play games like hopscotch with sidewalk chalk.
  60. Plan a karaoke night for the whole family.
  61. Go to a sporting event like a football, basketball or hockey game and act like superfans.
  62. Build forts using blankets, cardboard., etc. Click HERE to read my post about building forts for kids.
  63. Have a campfire and make tin-foil dinners and smores. Teach them campfire songs from your youth.
  64. Get all dressed up and have a someone do a photoshoot of you together.
  65. Go berry picking and make a dessert with what you have picked.
  66. Build a snow-wall for each of you and have a snowball fight.

These are some ideas from my bucket list that I would like to do to create memories with my grandchildren before I blink and they are grown!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg … what would be on your grandma bucket list activity ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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