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7 Ways to Create an Indoor Fort the Grandkids Will Love

by grammiestewart
indoor fort

Kids love to create indoor forts.

I remember as a child how a fort made up of the couch cushions and a sheet could be a castle, a mansion, a reading nook, a cave, a spaceship, an igloo,  or a million other things my imagination could cook up. I would happily spend a whole afternoon playing in my indoor fort.

So gather together stuff from your house, look through the awesome DIY fort ideas found below,  and start creating a masterpiece with your grandchild!

** And please remember to crawl in that fort and have a memorable time with them … whether it you  read books together, eat a picnic, make shadow puppets with flashlights, have a coloring party, dress-up for the castle, sing songs, or just cuddle and have a nap. Things are just more fun if grandma joins in!

Here are my favorite fort ideas for grandmas … something to fit every child’s imagination!



1. Tablecloth house indoor fort

I have to admit … this is one of my favorite ideas. It is more fun to have a tea-party UNDER the table than ON it! I am starting to look for some old sheets or tablecloths at garage sales to cut up and sew this. It will be a present for my granddaughter on her second birthday!

Find the instructions for sewing HERE at centsationalgirl.com

indoor fort

Takes a minute to set up for hours of fun!


And there are many ways to decorate the outside of the house, as seen here in these examples…

indoor fort

You can add ties to roll up the door.

indoor fort

You can put the windows and doorways wherever you want!


indoor fort

Another great playhouse!

indoor fort

Here is a camping theme house.


2. Hallway House

All you need to make this is three tension rods and a piece of fabric to turn any hallway or doorway into a fort. Just don’t build it at the entrance to the bathroom … the rest of the family may not be impressed!

Find the instructions for making it HERE at ikatbag.com

indoor fort

Quick to put up using tension rods.




3. Cardboard castle indoor fort

I love when I can get my hands on big cardboard boxes to create things with kids. They can become anything! You can get bigger boxes from appliance stores that sell fridges and dishwashers if you go in and ask. This is one amazing thing to create with cardboard!

Find the instructions for making it HERE at builtbykids.com

indoor fort

What a great castle to build together (and maybe get grandpa to help too!




4. Newspaper indoor fort

Howe cool to build a structure out of newspaper for your fort! If your grandkids are older, they can probably handle doing a lot of the work themselves!

Find the instructions for making it HERE at modernparentsmessykids.com

indoor fort

Make the structure with newspapers, then toss over a blanket!




5. Lighted indoor fort

Lights always seem festive, and they make any fort magical. Here is a fort they can happily hide themselves in!

Find the instructions for making it HERE at artbarblog.com

indoor fort

String, sheets, clothespins and lights make this an easy fort.



6. Fort kit (great idea for a gift!)

What an amazing present for a kid who loves forts … their very own fort kit!

The one pictured here was given to a boy and the tag reads “Deluxe Superhero Fort Kit” (which is super cool) and there is also a fort kit that was given to a girl in a more feminine bag. I think you can actually do either for a boy or a girl!

Find the list of what goes in it HERE at megandandymade.blogspot.ca

Find the instructions HERE at saltwater-kids.com

indoor fort

What kid wouldn’t love this gift!



7. Tent indoor fort

This may seem a bit like cheating, but I think my grandkids would LOVE it. Don’t make your tent sit in the garage … dust it off and set it up in the living room! Grab some sleeping bags and pillows and cozy up together. It’s the perfect spot to play some board games, cards, or even watch a movie.    From the website 52fortwo.com


indoor fort

Setting up the tent inside and stringing with lights is a great indoor fort!



Hope you have a wonderful time hiding in your fort with your grandchild … and maybe reliving a bit of your own childhood! If you want to keep it simple, you still can just pull the cushions off the couch and grab a blanket … it is the experience that counts!

Let us know about your experiences or any great fort building ideas below in the comments.

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Valerie Harker July 7, 2017 - 9:17 am

This is so fun! What a terrific Grandma you are Melonee. The photos of your grandchildren are adorable. My best friends are my grandkids. Wish I could hold on to them forever. So so excited to think about new little ones – who just might show up in the new year. Lucky us! Val

grammiestewart July 16, 2017 - 1:23 pm

Thanks Val … how great you are such great friends with your grandchildren … they are very lucky! And here’s to getting more grandchildren!

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