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Be An Enriching Grandma (Grandma Basics 101)

by grammiestewart

Grandma Basics 101  Post #4

There are as many different kinds of grandmas as there are kinds of women … some are great grandmas, some are good grandmas, some glamorous grandmas, some Earth Mother grandmas, some grouchy grandmas, and some are uninterested and absent. Want to be the kind of grandmother that goes down in history as the best one EVER?

I am writing a series of 6 posts, each about a way of becoming that kind of grandparent … think of it as being enrolled in a basic course in grandmothering from the Gung Ho Grandma School of Awesomeness!

Here is the sixth (and last) post …
 Looking back, the times I loved best with my Grandma Chubala was when she taught me something…


  • She sat outside with me on her farm and taught me how to shuck peas.
  • During milking-time, she patiently showed me how to pull on the cow’s udder just right so milk would come out (man, it is WAY harder than it looks, but I eventually got the hang of it) and then explained how the machine worked that separated the cream from the milk.
  • She demonstrated how to peel a potatoe with a paring knife without cutting your fingers (which I was always terrified would happen).
  • She taught me how to prime the pump so I could get water.
  • I learned how to play BINGO by playing it with her from a show on the TV (I guess they used to do that).


Me and my brother with Grandma and Grandpa Chubala


Grandma Chubala was a farm wife who had little money (I don’t really remember getting any gifts from her, except maybe at Christmas) but I was enriched as a child by the gift of her time and teaching.


As an enriching grandma you can bless the lives of your grandchildren in a multitude of ways, depending on your experiences, talents, and interests.


I have been an elementary teacher for 17 years and so naturally as a grandma I will encourage reading and help my grandchildren develop their number sense.

I am a massive theater lover and so I will take them to plays and musicals, just like I did with their parents when they were young.

I have played softball since I was 8 years old so there will be lots of games of catch in the backyard. And batting practice.

I will share my love of crazy Bollywood movies and try new Indian food with my grandkids.

There will be late night star-watching and dressing up as cowboys to attend rodeos (I love rodeos ever since my sister ran for Rodeo Queen in our local town rodeo).


What experiences can you offer to enrich the lives of your grandchildren? What experiences and talents do you have to share? (Please share some of them in the comments section below … we’d love to learn from you). Life is too short and the world too amazing not to explore and learn and grow with these children that we love.


This is the last of my 6 Grandma Basics 101 posts…

You want to be valedictorian at the Gung Ho Grandma School of Awesomeness graduation ceremony? Then look for ways to enrich your grandchildren’s lives, give them more of you and less stuff, don’t make comparisons, love them immensely, don’t give unsolicited advice, and find ways to help the new parents.

I believe that grandmothers can have a profound impact on the lives of their grandchildren. That is why I write my blog, gunghograndma.com, to help us all learn ways to enrich our grandkids’ lives and make connections with them.


Remember, there is no way to be a perfect grandma, but there are a million ways to be an enriching grandma. So get out there and be awesome!46364e83-5b92-4b24-946a-da2dca4f2be5




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