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Fun Holidays to Celebrate All Year Round! January to June

by grammiestewart
fun holidays

No one loves a good holiday more than me. I believe life is too short not to celebrate every chance we get with our grandchildren!

I love all the major holidays that roll around … Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, April Fools, Remembrance Day, New Years, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick’s Day.

But those are only a handful of days during a year of 365 days. I want more holidays … heck, I would celebrate a great parallel parking job if I could break out a treat and play a game.

Did you know that there are a slew of wacky and fun holidays throughout the year that gives grandmas an excuse to do something fun and celebrate with their grandkids?

I have compiled a list of some of those fun holidays (and an idea or two of how you might celebrate them with the grandkids). I realize that not all grandmas live near their grandchildren or see them regularly, but when they do come for a visit, see what holidays are happening over the time they are with you.

These are holidays are from January to June …  check out my next post to see holidays from July to December. 

Start the celebrations!


fun holidays


  • Jan. 3 – Festival of Sleep Day – plan a special sleepover at grandma’s house.
  • Jan. 4 – Trivia Day – play a game of trivia, like Trivial Pursuit for Kids or make your own online trivia game for the grandkids to try at Quizworks (click HERE to start).
  • Jan. 8 – Bubble Bath Day – get out those bubbles and toys for a fun bath.
  • Jan. 14 – Dress Up Your Pet Day – if you or your grandchild have a pet, create a special outfit for them and take lots of photos (or maybe you can borrow a neighbor’s).
  • Jan. 15 – Strawberry Ice-Cream Day – need I say more (my favorite flavor). You can try you hand at making some homemade ice-cream together using just plastic bags HERE (add strawberries to it at the end).
  • Jan. 18 – Winnie the Pooh Day – one of my favorite books to read-aloud with kids is The House at Pooh Corner (and there are lots of great Winnie the Pooh shows/movies to watch together while eating toast and honey!).
  • Jan. 19 – Popcorn Day – get in the kitchen and create a special treat by making some gourmet popcorn. Find 40 great recipes HERE.


fun holidays

Make your own gourmet popcorn!





  • Feb. 5 – Chocolate Fondue Day – nothing like strawberries, apples and marshmallows dipped in heavenly chocolate!
  • Feb. 7 – Send a Card to a Friend Day – make some homemade cards together and deliver them/post them to friends and family members.
  • Feb. 8 – Kite Flying Day – build a simple kite and go out and fly it (this does not work for us grandmas in Canada … you would have to fight drifts of snow).
  • Feb. 13 – Get a Different Name Day – everyone chooses a new name for the day (I would like to be called Cher) and hear the giggles as they are called by their new name for the whole day. Make placemats for the dinner table with their new name on it.
  • Feb. 14 – Library Lovers Day – head to the local library and share your love of books. Check to see if there is a storytime you an attend.
  • Feb. 15 – Gum Drop Day – buy a bag of gumdrops and grab some toothpicks and create some cool new structures (see photo below).
  • Feb. 26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day – share your favorite fairy tales with your grandchildren (maybe some less well-known ones like The Red Shoes or The Nightingale). Create some costumes and act out a story for mom and dad to watch.

    fun holidays

    Create structures with gum drops on Gum Drop Day!



  • March 1 – Compliment Day – have a contest and see how many people you can compliment during the day.
  • March 11 – Johnny Appleseed Day – get out one of the many books about Johnny Appleseed and read it together (there is also a lovely Disney movie about him if you can find it online). Then hit the kitchen and make an apple pie or apple crumble that Johnny would be proud of!
  • March 21 – Common Courtesy Day – become Miss Manners and have a dinner where you teach your grandchildren proper table manners (do they know not to start eating until everyone has their food?). Also read my post 24 Manners a Grandma Can Help Teach Her Grandkids HERE to give you more ideas of how to help raise courteous kids.
  • March 23 – Puppy Day – kids and puppies go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can read books about puppies, watch a movie like 101 Dalmations, and if you are lucky enough to know someone with a puppy, go and have a play session.
  • March 25 – Waffle Day – get out your waffle maker and great toppings and have a waffle feast!
  • March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – create your own holiday together and celebrate however you want. It would be a fun tradition to continue celebrating this new holiday every year together (a holiday all of your own!).
  • March 30 – Take a Walk in the Park Day – Get your walking shoes and hit your closest park. Bring along a picnic and have a nature photo treasure hunt while  you are there (click HERE  how to do a photo nature treasure hunt).


fun holidays

Try a photo nature treasure hunt while you are at the park!





  • April 2 – Children’s Book Day –  Set up a reading corner with some pillows and blankets and share some of your favorite books from your childhood with your grandkids and let them share theirs with you.
  • April 10 – Siblings Day – if your grandchildren have siblings then celebrate by having a party and playing a game where you ask questions about each other to find out how well they know each thier sibling. You could help them plan secret kind deeds to do for each other.
  • April 13 – Scrabble Day – if  your grandchildren don’t know how to play this legendary game, this is the day to remedy that!
  • April 14 – Look Up at the Sky Day – put down a blanket outside, lie down, and find figures in the clouds together. Read a book about the different kinds clouds and then try and spot them.
  • April 15 – Moment of Laughter Day – get some joke books and tongue twister books out of the library and try them on each other. Watch a funny movie together and giggle in between a special treat.
  • April 17 – Haiku Poetry Day – discover haiku poetry together … read some and try your hands at writing some. A great Haiku poetry book that I used in my Grade 3 classroom was Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons by Jon J. Muth.
  • April 22 – Jelly Bean Day – make some bottles of “Happy Pills” using jelly beans, and hand them out to friends, family and neighbors.


fun holidays

Who wouldn’t feel happier with some jelly bean pills!


  • May 1 Mother Goose Day – as a teacher I often found that kids today haven’t been exposed to the Mother Goose nursery rhymes like their parents were. Here is a chance for you to introduce them to your grandchildren.
  • May 4 Star Wars Day – I am a grandma who ADORES all the Star Wars movies, though you may not be. This is a perfect day for me to dress up like Princess Leia and watch my favorite episode with all my little Ewoks!
  • May 5 Space Day – nothing like hunting on Pinterest for ideas to host an astronaut training day at grandma’s house. Maybe it could include learning a song that teaches the names of the planets, learning how astronauts go to the bathroom in space, and figuring out how much you would weigh on different planets, depending on its gravity.
  • May 14 Dance Like a Chicken Day – can’t believe this is a holiday and I am sure you can figure out what to do this day all on your own (try that old staple at wedding dances, The Chicken Dance).
  • May 19Pizza Party Day – let everyone create their own pizzas.
  • May 21Talk Like Yoda Day – I think we would all have to watch some videos on Youtube and practice a while for this one … but there would be lots of giggles!
  • May 24Scavenger Hunt Day –  there are so many different kinds of scavenger hunts you can plan for the grandkids, but I like this idea … a Color Hunt (from iheartcraftythings), since even young children who do not read can do it.


fun holidays

Here is a color scavenger hunt for all ages.




  • June 1Say Something Nice Day – see if everyone could try and say something nice to each person they met that day. Then discuss how it made them feel to be kind to others.
  • June 2Donut Day – if you have never done it before, try and make your own donuts and share them with the rest of the family.
  • June 5 Environment Day – my children’s grandma would always pick up litter when you were with her on a walk … a  great lesson to teach children. Grab some garden gloves and garbage bags and go and pick up litter in a park, on a walking trail or along a beach. This beautiful world is everyone’s responsibility.
  • June 6Drive-In Movie Day – most children in this day and age have never been to a drive-in movie (I loved going to them as a child). Here is a fun idea for making your own drive-in for the kids. Click HERE to find some great ideas and instructions.
  • June 24Swim a Lap Day – head to the pool with the grandkids and do some laps trying different strokes. You could also make up some silly laps, like swim a lap like an eel or a whale or a shark or a robot.
  • June 27Helen Keller Day – get some books from the library about the life of this amazing woman. Watch the movie, The Miracle Worker. Write messages to each other in Braille.
  • June 29 Camera Day – kids love to take photos with a camera, an IPad or on a mobile phone. Go out together and take some photos of objects that look like the alphabet letters of their name, like the photographs below.


fun holidays


Hope these fun holidays help you have a year of celebrations!

Remember to check out the second part of this post that covers July to December.

Share with us in the comments below if you try any of these celebrations! What was a sucess and what would you change?


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