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Grandchildren – Love, Them, Love Them, Love Them! (Grandma Basics 101)

by grammiestewart

Grandma Basics 101  Post #3

There are as many different kinds of grandmas as there are kinds of women … some are great grandmas, some are good grandmas, some glamorous grandmas, some Earth Mother grandmas, some grouchy grandmas, and some are uninterested and absent. Want to be the kind of grandmother that goes down in history as the best one EVER?

I am writing a series of 6 posts, each about a way of becoming that kind of grandparent … think of it as being enrolled in a basic course in grandmothering from the Gung Ho Grandma School of Awesomeness!

Here is the third post …

Love Them, Love Them, Love Them!

Want to get an A+ on your report card at the Gung Ho Grandma School of Awesomeness, then love your grandchildren unconditionally ( and for most gung ho grandmas, that comes very easily). The force that pulls us to them is stronger than gravity. When my daughter had my first grandchild, I was taken by surprise how instantly I loved this new baby.



Love them, love them, love them!

Grandmas are lucky because we are not usually responsible for the day-to-day raising of our grandchildren … making sure homework is done, dealing with the complaining that often comes with piano practicing, getting them to bed on time each night, and trying to get them to keep their rooms from being condemned. We often swoop in, play and love and cuddle and spoil, and then retreat, returning to our homes for a nice restful sleep. That relationship dynamic makes it easier for us to just love them without extra baggage. We can simply be their biggest fans.


 Make sure you show your grandchild how much you love them through actions like:

  • hugs, kisses, and cuddles,
  • playing with them
  • being excited when you see them
  • taking them on special outings and adventures
  • if you live far away, regularly staying in contact with them. Read my post about using technology to stay in contact when you live far away by clicking on this link
  • having them overhear you bragging about them to others
  • reading to them or singing songs together
  • learning new things together
  • saying loving, affirming words to them. Read my post about 50 positive things to say to your grandchild by clicking on this link https://gunghograndma.com/positive-things-to-say-to-your-grandchild/
  • truly listening to them when they talk to you and giving them your undivided attention
  • having special things that they just share with grandma (like a song, handshake, jokes, special places you go together)
  • remembering special occasions in their lives, like birthdays and the first day of school
  • telling them that you love them every time you see them.





Also remember, that though you love this child immensely, that she does not belong to you. She belongs to her parents, and that is perfectly natural. You need to abide by their family rules (though a little spoiling and soft bending of the rules comes with the job), often when you may disagree. If you are like me and have a strong personality, this grandmother gig can be a bit humbling.

Already love your grandchildren to the moon and back and are trying to show them every time you see them? Then you get an A+ on your Gung Ho Grandma report card!



heartHow do you show love to your grandchildren? Please share it with us in the comments below so others can learn from you!

And if you like this idea, please share it with other grandmas!

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