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Less Stuff, More You (Grandma Basics 101)

by grammiestewart

Grandma Basics 101  Post #4

There are as many different kinds of grandmas as there are kinds of women … some are great grandmas, some are good grandmas, some glamorous grandmas, some Earth Mother grandmas, some grouchy grandmas, and some are uninterested and absent. Want to be the kind of grandmother that goes down in history as the best one EVER?

I am writing a series of 6 posts, each about a way of becoming that kind of grandparent … think of it as being enrolled in a basic course in grandmothering from the Gung Ho Grandma School of Awesomeness!

Here is the fifth post …


No one loves to buy things for a grandchild more than me … I am on the hunt for grandchild treasures at every mall I enter, Chinese site on the internet I check out, thrift store I explore, or garage sale I stop at. Before I even became a grandma, I had 10 boxes of stuff collected for my nonexistent grandchild! I can get a little out of control …

Most parents who are raising a family appreciate getting free clothes, toys and books for their kids, BUT the best way to enrich your grandchild’s life is through less stuff and more you!


My granddaughter Tiny (a nickname) is only 10 months old but what she loves best about her grandma is that I dance with her every time we are together. We have the same repertoire of about 4 songs (one is “Single Ladies”, so you know we are keeping it funky). If I put one of the songs on and ask her if she wants to dance, she crawls to me and climbs up my legs until I pick her up so we can dance around the room. Simple but magical.


The best gift you can give a child is when you are:

– getting down on the floor and playing cars

– not being afraid to be silly and crazywalking

– dancing or singing with them

– flying a kite together

– taking them out on adventures, like to the zoo

– having a camp out in the backyard in a tent

– creating an appreciation of the arts through going to plays or museums

– teaching them something new, like how to quilt or build a doghouse

– reading stories (and using different voices)

– going on a picnic at the park

– doing an art project with Popsicle sticks

– helping a neighbor together, such as mowing an older neighbor’s lawn

– building a fort or playhouse from blankets

– teaching them to cook or bake

– watching a great movie, complete with popcorn

–  going to the beach or swimming pool

– planning a surprise together for a family member

– going on a nature walk

– playing the piano together

– building castles out of Lego

– riding bikes together

– teaching them how to shoot a basketball

– running through the sprinkler with them


Okay, that list could go on and on for pages and pages and pages, but it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you are fully giving your time and attention. And it is important to give of yourself whether you are lucky and see your grandchildren every week, or if you live far away and see them infrequently.


What are some activities that you do with your grandchildren to give them more of yourself? Tell us in the comments section below … we’d love to have you share them! 


These things are not unusual, but they are essential. They are the best way to build memories, love, and connection with your grandchild. They often cost nothing, except your time, and …


… and the odd present now and then makes life a little more fun, too (I have to justify those 10 boxes somehow).




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