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Sending Love … 12 Valentine’s Day Cards to Make With Grandchildren!

by grammiestewart
Making Valentine's Day cards

Love is the closest thing to magic!

I am a firm believer that life is too short not to celebrate every chance you get, so of course I love celebrating all holidays … especially Valentine’s Day. I figure a holiday that focuses on love and friendship (and chocolate) is a great thing to share with grandkids.

I have very fond memories as a child of my class at school making Valentines mailboxes out of a cereal boxes, and then walking around the class and delivering the Valentines I had carefully addressed to each classmate. How exciting it was to sit down and open all the Valentines that were placed in my Valentine’s box… it made me feel very loved!

I think is is always more rewarding for a child to MAKE their own Valentine’s Day cards, than to buy them (though we have all been in a time pinch and just bought cute ones from the store). Here are 12 of my favorite valentines to make with grandchildren (or if you live long distances away, maybe send the idea to them and tell them to send you one, too, when they are completed!).


1. Bubblegum Valentine’s Day card from Live Laugh Rowe



2. Wax Resist Valentine’s Day card from happyhooligans

Wax resist Valentine card


3. Suckers Valentine’s Day card from iheartnaptime



4. The Kissing Hand card (also can read this lovely book) from buggyandbuddy


5. Gumball Valentine’s Day card from petitepartystudio




6. Mad Lib Valentine’s Day card (school-age kids LOVE Mad Libs)  from busykidshappymom

Make Mad Lib Valentines




7. Lion Handprint Valentine’s Day card from iheartartsncrafts





8. I Like How You Roll  card  from thirtyhandmadedays

I like how you roll valentines




9. Love Bugs Valentine’s Day card from dandee-designs

Make love bug Valentines





10. Bubble card from lovestitched

Bubbles Valentine





11. Magnifying Glass Valentine’s Day card from dandee-designs

Magnifying glass Valentine




12. Pieces card from brilliantbeginningspreschool

Pieces Valentine card



Enjoy creating these Valentine’s Day cards with your grandkids that celebrate love … and give them a hug and kiss to go along with all your crafting!


Any other ideas for Valentines? Was making cards together a good experience? Leave a comment below and share your experiences with us!

And if you like the idea of making Valentines with grandchildren, please share it with other grandmas!

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